BaoBurg – Multi-cultural Tapas in downtown Williamsburg

Brooklyn has become over the past few years a hotbed for foodie culture to where many New Yorkers no longer look to Manhattan when determining where to have a night out on the town.  One of the biggest reasons that this is happening is Williamsburg’s exploding with new and innovative restaurants that have attracted some of the worlds best new chefs.  With this influx of unique talent, it has been difficult for new restaurants in the area to really find an innovative foothold with food pairings that you are unlikely to see else.  Yet on occasion you will get lucky enough to stumble across a restaurant like Baoburg, that not only serves deliciously unique food but also with its atmosphere transports its customers to version of modern South Pacific restaurant that is unlike anything we have been to in the city.

Located in a very unassuming restaurant space sharing a door with a ramen noodle shop, Baoburg is as off the beaten path as it gets in North Williamsburg.  With no sign adorning the outside of the building and the only signage being a large sandwich board outside, Baoburg is easy to walk past without noticing which would be a huge mistake.  While it would seem that the handful of tables at this restaurant would seem small, this restaurant feels a lot larger than it looks from the outside due to its exposed brick walls and extremely high ceilings.  The easy going nature of this restaurant starts first with the fantastic staff who are both helpful and attentive and is only bolstered by the reggae tunes coming from the speakers.

Beyond just the fantastic service, the real reason to make a visit to Baoburg is the incredible cuisine.  It is really hard to define what they do here but the best way to explain it would be to call it a mixture of traditional French and southeast Asian cuisine.  Don’t let this unique blend of food fool you as they have many traditional food items like crispy brussels sprouts, black bean dumplings nachos, mussels, and croquettes.  What really lets Baoburg stand out is the food that you normally wouldn’t find at other eateries like their duck leg confit noodles, seared duck breast noodles, and bacalao fritters.  There really isn’t a wrong choice to make here other than ordering to few options.  Most of the dishes come in tapas form so you won’t feel all that bad about ordering a few to many.  For an added bonus, don’t forget to order there amazing sangria which is made with flavored beer instead of wine and gives a unique kick to a great drink.

If you are looking for a new place in Brooklyn that can successfully blend unique flavors with traditional dishes then Baoburg is a must visit.  With fantastic service and even better cuisine, Baoburg will become your new go to spot located conveniently close to the L train.