Beehive Oven – Brooklyn’s biscuit sanctuary

Over the past 10 years or so, Williamsburg has turned into one of the biggest cultural and culinary hotspots found anywhere in New York City.  Most of this neighborhood revival has taken place in northern Williamsburg but has slowly started to make its way south.  One of the shining examples of this southern Williamsburg renaissance comes in the form of the Beehive Oven which opened its doors to the public in 2013 and has been filling the bellies of locals ever since.

Getting its start as a vender at Smorgasburg, Brooklyn’s famous Williamsburg food event, the Beehive founder have since expanded to an actual brick and mortar location in South Williamsburg.  Resembling a farmhouse more than restaurant in Brooklyn, the Beehive Oven oozes southern charm and provides a unique sanctuary from the cities craziness.  With exposed brick and passthroughs to the kitchen adorned with red window, this restaurant gives an ambience of being at a friends house for dinner rather than night out on the town.

Of course the main draw to the Beehive Oven are their amazing biscuits, which come served up in a variety of different ways.  Whether you like your biscuit with jam, butter, or cut in half and made into a sandwich, this place has it all and more.  The biscuits dominate most of the menu and the highlights are the biscuit sandwiches which range from the unique like the The Ruby which is a biscuit with fried green tomatoes, shrimp in sauce, and remoulade sauce to the build your own biscuit sandwich which allows you to choose from a myriad of different vegetables, proteins, cheeses, and more.  Beyond just biscuits, you will find that the Beehive also has an assortment of southern classic main dishes and sides that are perfect compliments to any meal.  As an added bonus, every meal comes with a complimentary appetizer of homemade vegetables and buttermilk ranch dressing.  Who doesn’t like something thats complimentary especially when its fantastic?

This Texas inspired restaurant is an amazing gem in the heart of south Williamsburg.  Serving up not only some of the best biscuits this side of the Hudson River but also a southern charm thats sorely missing amidst the craziness that is New York City.  Whether you are looking for a new spot for brunch or a great place to eat a casual dinner, the Beehive Oven is the perfect location.

New Yorker Tip: If you are looking for a little more than just a great meal than the Beehive Oven also offers cooking classes.  Classes consist of 3 course meal for two, a 4 course meal for four, or a how to create biscuits/shortbreads/scones and will teach you the art of southern decadent cuisine.