Berg’n (Bergn) – The new food and drink emporium in Brooklyn

The operators of Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flee have shown time and time again that they are able to take an innovative idea, build it from the ground up in an area that is not very well known, and make it a must visit destination for New Yorkers. They look to have succeeded yet again with their latest creation which has taken form in Berg’n, an indoor and much smaller version of Smorgasburg. Less restaurant and more food fair, Berg’n features both an extensive beer and alcohol selection and pairs it with food options from some of the most popular food stands from Smorgasburg.

While currently advertised as a beer hall, Berg’n takes this concept and expands upon it by creating a wildly unique restaurant/bar/cafeteria. Walking in, the first thing that stands out are the picnic table seating arrangement that dominates most of the space. The tables have no chairs but instead are dark colored wooden tables with the benches attached to the main frame. With it’s BBQ picnic table style, it’s the perfect seating arrangement to have drinks with a group of friends. The bar flanks the back wall and features a wide selection of beer, wines, and spirits but seems oddly out of place with its antique wooden look that seems in conflict with the rest of the Bergn’s more modern décor. This food/beer hall also has outdoor seating to compliment the indoor which makes visiting during the warm months a viable option for those not wanting to waste the good weather.

The real standout of Bergn though, is the food selection that is offered. Taking the huge momentum from its previous ventures, there are currently 5 different food options offered which are all uniquely different and all Smorgasburg favorites. The big standout has to be the Ramen Burger, which had garnered huge lines at its outdoor location and is no different at Berg’n as this is also by far the favorite. The food coma doesn’t just stop there as also featured are Asia Dog, Mighty Quinn’s, and Pizza Motto. They also have a different system to deliver food as patrons take numbered stands to their tables and are served by servers instead of standing around waiting for food.

While slightly off the beaten path and in a mostly residential area, the crowds will most likely still flock to this new mecca for food and drink. If history tells us anything, it will be interesting to see how Bergn evolves with both its food and drink offerings much like how Smorgasburg has evolved over time. For now foodies and beer revelers alike will have a location that can celebrate the best of what Smorgasburg offers year round.

New Yorker Tip: The best way to get here is to either jump on the 4/5 or 2/3 trains to the Brooklyn Museum stop. Berg’n is located in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn and could be slightly difficult to get to.