Bob White Lunch and Supper Counter – Soul warming southern food

When someone mentions southern food, the first images that come to mind are those of cast iron skillets, everything fried foods, and warm hearty meals.  The kind of food that can warm the soul and make any bad day seem that much better.  While New York City might not be the destination one might think of for southern food, there are certain locations that have perfected the art of using a skillet and can churn out some of the best fried food these lips have ever tasted.  Bob White Lunch and Supper Counter is a restaurant hidden deep in the East Village and has taken the art of southern cooking to a new level of excellence.

The restaurant is located in a very hard to reach location and is most likely overlooked by those who are not actively looking for it.  Located on Avenue C the inside is rather small, holding only a handful of tables and about 8-10 spots at the bar.  There is nothing flashy about the restaurant and it looks more like a front porch or home kitchen than a New York City eatery.  Yet what Bob White lacks in flash it more than makes up for in charm.  The small interior invites for a slower paced meal and intimate conversation, which is hard to come by especially in Manhattan.  Yet the real draw of Bob White Counter is the food which is all southern and all delicious.  The menu is small with only a few entree options and sandwiches along with several options for sides… and we couldn’t find a single wrong decision on the entire menu.  Every sandwich we tried was perfectly cooked and bursting with flavor.  Even the sides were to die for and not a single bite was left on the plate.  One really can’t go wrong with fried chicken and Bob White features this prominently within almost all of the available entree options.  The chicken is masterfully cooked, with just the right amount of batter and spice and not overdone.  An added bonus was the price which was well below what we typically would expect for any place in the city let alone one with such great food options.

This is a restaurant that brings out a smile in anyone who decides to dine within its walls and is a must for anyone looking for a down home cooked southern meal.

New Yorker Tip:  The two options we loved on the menu were the fried chicken sandwich and the grill cheese.  Pimento cheese on anything makes it better and there is no exception for the food here.