Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks – Books, Cooking, and the West Village

The West Village is full of history, of storefronts and bars that have entered the public eye and faded over time.  There are still a precious few that have lasted long after other dreams have faded.  The key to this survival is to do something you love.  When people say to do what you love and no day will ever seem like work, very few of us ever get to experience this phenomenon.  Yet when you step into Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks you notice the love and passion that Bonnie takes in her store.  There are books piled to the ceiling, vintage copies of cooking magazines, and even some old cooking equipment that looks straight out of a movie.  Yet among this organized chaos lives one of the most amazing stores that New York City has to offer.

The bookstore is small, about the size of a small studio apartment with every inch of the space being used to store books or some other cooking equipment.  The books are organized by type of cuisine and location as well as language and browsing this collection is truly a joy.  Want a book from the 1940’s that highlights the best parts of French cuisine then this would be the best place to start and this store even contains 18th century rarities.  Marveling at the collection of vintage cooking equipment makes this place part book store and part antique shop.  The store has more about cooking and cooking history than you are likely to find anywhere else in the city and is the perfect place to get that amazing gift for a friend who loves to cook.

You know a store is special as this like shop was even rated by Bon Appetit as one of the seven best culinary bookstores in all of America.  It isn’t just the vast collection of old cookbooks and magazines that so impresses to any visitors to this store, it’s the owners knowledge of her craft combined with her dedication and joy of helping other others that make it such a special place to visit.  How often will a store owner offer her services on her website where she will help you “browse” her store over the phone or in an email to find the perfect book.  It would be the equivalent of having Colonel Sanders walk you through a KFC and help you pick out types of fried chicken.

New Yorker Tip: Make sure to check the website before visiting this store as the days that the store is open change on a weekly basis.  Where one week the store will be closed on a Wednesday, the next will be a Monday which adds to the intrigue this store provides.