Bowery Mural – NYC street art at its biggest

With the imminent destruction of five pointz, NYC is slowly losing its fight with its unique sub culture of street art.  Yet where one monument falls, others will rise to take its place and one of those can be found down in the Lower East Side on Bowery.

Who knew that a single wall could have so much history while invoking such complicated and diverse emotions.  While not a traditional museum by any means, the Bowery Mural is by far one of the most unique art installations that you will find in New York City or any other city.  Some will call it art and some will call it defacing property, either way graffiti/street art is a very polarizing concept.  The Bowery Mural takes this concept to its limit to really try and define NYC street art and make it more acceptable.  The mural is around two or three stories high and long as around 1/5th of a city block.  They include beautiful color and unique art designs that you won’t find in any true historic museum.

NYC has always had a deep heritage of street art going back for many generations and this mural is no exception.  The history of the wall can be traced back over 30 years to a simple concrete slab just off of Bowery in the 80’s and as of only a few years ago has recently been reinvigorated with the help of several  different groups.  The mural can be found on the corner of Bowery and Houston streets and is in a constant state of change.  The mural changes every few months to a year so it is a great place to visit every spring when the weather gets warm.