Brandy Library – A classy place for classy people

Before I stepped foot in the Brand Library my knowledge of whiskey had been pretty rudimentary and for lack of a better word, pretty low-brow.  My experience consisted of three main categories… random shots of Jameson, gagging back pickle-back shots, or downing some fireball cinnamon whiskey.  These particular categories might be the farthest that you can get from classy whiskey as possible.  So when I first stepped into the Brandy Library for a friends bachelor party for a whiskey tasting, I was slightly overwhelmed.  Even more overwhelmed when I sat down at the bar and was handed a thick leather book of different whiskeys to choose from.  As Fireball was not on any of the pages of the menu, I was really beyond my level of expertise.  Yet after spending the next two hours with some of the most knowledgable and enjoyable staff at any establishment I have ever been to in NYC, I came away thoroughly impressed.

From the library like shelves lined with whiskey (it even has that old school rolling ladder even though the shelves aren’t all that high), to the whiskey expert who led our tasting calling me a criminal (due in part to my total lack of whiskey knowledge and apparent abuse of good whiskey… Flavian our expert was a perfect host and an amazing teacher)… this would be a place that I would highly recommend.  It has the coziness of an old english mansions sitting room complete with deep plush chairs and combines warm classical ambience with sophisticated charm. One thing that surprised me in the best way possible was the incredible food that they had to accompany the amazing whiskey we had.  They also introduced me to the home made shady, which was a combination of Brooklyn Lager and Sprite… refreshing and delicious!

While a large group of us did a private tasting, you can do your own tasting on any given night in the main room upstairs (the downstairs is for the private events).  I would recommend this place for any lover of fine whiskey’s but also to those who like me really haven’t enjoyed what good whiskey can taste like.