Breads Bakery – Manhattan’s home for bread and more

New York comes from a very proud bakery culture, beginning during the time the city was first founded then evolving during European immigration of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s to finally what we have today.  New Yorkers are viciously protective of what we consider the best bread product in the world and it is often hard for outsiders to take headlines away from some of the older traditional bakeries.  Breads Bakery is the brain child of master baker Uri Scheft and his biggest fan Gadi Peleg who lived in New York City, who was able to lure him from Israel to open this bakery in 2013.   Considered a newcomer to New York City, Uri had previously reached epic status in foodie circles and since coming to the city, customers far and wide have been able to sample out of this world breakfast pastries and his signature bread loaves all thanks to one adoring fan.

Breads has grown extensively since it opened, going from just a small bakery to that plus a coffee shop and restaurant.  While the sandwiches, salads, and soups are great here, the main draw is of course the fresh made bread that is baked up daily.  From breakfast pastries like almond croissants to dessert breads like the chocolate babka, Breads creates something for any meal of the day.  They even feature a bread of the day Monday through Sunday so there is always something special to look forward to no mater when you visit.  Whether you are looking for something to compliment the perfect sandwich or desiring an addition to a home cooked italian meal, there is always a good reason to buy a loaf.

Along with delicious baked goods that are almost impossible to turn down, Breads also features an incredible knowledgable and friendly staff that is always happy to assist and help answer a question.  Even with the mary-go-round of endless customers all looking to buy something delicious, the employees here will leave you looking forward to your return trip.  Breads is a rare breed of shop that insists on perfectly crafted food that is complimented by a wonderful shopping experience.

If you are looking for a breakfast treat or something to vastly improve your dinner, then make Breads the one stop that you make. Having a central location right in Union Square makes this an easy location for anyone to get to and with the ovens located only feet away in the back, you know you are getting only the freshest bread.  In a city littered with bakeries, Breads stands out as one of the best!

New Yorker Tip:  If you are looking for a recommendation at Breads then look no further than the Nutella babka which are made fresh three times a day and are one of the most unique and addicting items on the menu.  Also less known is that Breads offers baking classes to any of those who are looking to be able to cook amazing bread in the comfort of their own home.