Brodo – Fighting the NYC winter with bone broth

New York City has long been the epicenter for where food trends start and become a worldwide craze.  From the rise of the mixology bar or the kale and Brussels sprouts movement, New York City is often at the forefront. The newest trend and delicacy being labelled a superfood is bone broth and it has taken this city by storm. The first place to feature it exclusively is a small walk up window in the northern area of the East Village named Brodo.  Serving an exclusively broth based menu, this little shop has been keeping Manhattan warm all winter with this new super drink.

Brodo is actually just a walk up store front built out of an unused pastry window by the head chef from the restaurant Hearth. The Hearth kitchen is actually where this delectable liquid is made and is sold through this window curbside to the masses.  This is also why the hours can be considered strange, open only from 12PM – 7PM as to not interfere with the peak times that restaurant is open.

There has been plenty of news about bone broth as of late but what really is so good about boiled bones and water and what is the difference between this and regular soup stock?  The big difference between bone broth and stock is the amount of time that the bones are cooked. Where stock is usually cooked only for a few hours, bone broths cooking time can be 24 hours or up to several days.  This elongated cooking time allows the boiled bones to start to disintegrate and release nutrients and proteins which is found in higher quantities than in regular broth and stock.  These nutrients are hydrating, contain anti-inflammatories, and also contain collagen which may help with with joints, bones, and skin health.  These health benefits combined with the fact that it tastes good and is a fantastic way to stay warm on a cold day is why people are lining up for a simple cup of broth.

At Brodo, your choice of broth comes down to which kind of animal bones you are interested in.  The options available to order are chicken, beef, or hearth (the combination of chicken, beef, and turkey) and are served in cup sizes of 8oz, 12oz, or 16oz.  The prices range from $4 to $9 which can be considered expensive as this is almost double the price you would pay at even the snobbiest of gourmet coffee shops for a fancy latte.  Yet the health and taste benefits of broth make this higher price tag well worth it and have you coming back for more.  While you would think that the different broths would have similar taste, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Each broth has its own uniquely fabulous flavor, from the spicier beef broth to the comfortingly hearty hearth broth, there is a type for any flavor profile.  The broth is made to be sipped much like a cup of coffee and also can feature add ins like bone marrow, shiitake mushroom tea, or freshly grated turmeric at $.75 a piece.  They also serve up some amazing soup if you are craving something a little more hearty than just broth.

The motto of Brodo is “rethink your hot beverage” which makes plenty of sense if you believe that broth will soon try to replace coffee in the diets of New Yorkers.  Bursting with flavor and full of nutrients, the bone broth at Brodo looks like it is here to stay and most likely and just the start of a trend of promoting this soul warming liquid.  So get it while its hot and the lines are relatively short, as Brodo looks to expand its influence as the place to go in the east village.

New Yorker Tip: If you are just getting the broth and you are looking for a little added sustenance, ask for a piece of delicious bread that they normally give out with the soup.  It is the perfect accompaniment and will help fill you up if a cup of broth just isn’t enough.