Brooklyn Botanical Garden – A flower grows in Brooklyn

There is nothing quite like the change from winter to spring, a chance at seeing the rebirth of nature go from the cold harsh gray to the warm greens, reds, and yellows.  It is especially unique living in New York City where nature isn’t as prevalent and any sign of the warming months is seen as a beacon of hope that the chance of snow has ended.  Daffodils start sprouting, trees begin to bloom, and tulips are planted to give the city a very unique experience.  You could almost swear that it is an entirely different city if you visited in January than if you visited in late April both with the greenery that is in bloom and the people outdoors enjoying it.  There is one special place that exemplifies this unique transformation like none other in New York City, and that place is the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  Located in Prospect Park, this unique green space is a getaway for New Yorkers tired of looking at a city scape and yearning to see a little bit of nature.

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is really a vast expanse of beauty that combines indoor terrariums, rose gardens, a coy pond, and cherry blossom fields to create a beautiful fixture in Park Slope.  52 acres in size, the garden was first opened in 1911 and been a part of the NYC culture for over 100 years and is unlike anything you will find in Manhattan.  While the garden is only a small part of the epic expanse that is Prospect Park, the garden is segmented into many different unique areas that all make this park so unique.  Whether it be the indoor terrariums which hold a rain forest area, desert, and zen bonsai garden to the coy pond which holds all types of fish and turtles.   The Botanical Garden is a beautiful and relaxing place to explore. (The bonsai garden is a must see!)  There is so much nature to see and absorb… definitely best to visit during the changing of the seasons, both spring and fall for which the park really takes on a life of its own.

If you are looking for something different that is different than the typical New York City skyline, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden is a beautiful respite from the cities fast pace.  A great place to enjoy nature and see over 10,000 types of plants, it is a can’t miss location in the city.

New Yorker Tip: Every year in late April they have a cherry blossom festival that is purely amazing at the gardens and definitely worth dealing with the larger than normal crowds to see it.