Bubby’s – Breakfast like grandma used to make

For most people, the memory of eating breakfast on Sunday morning is a very cherished event.  Waking up to delicious aromas coming from the kitchen and running to the table to see what was in store.  The sort of large family meal that brings everyone closer together in a way that food only can.  Found deep in the heart of Tribeca, is a restaurant that for over 20 years has been trying to replicate this experience for all New Yorkers.

Bubby’s is the kind of place you would expect your grandmother to walk out of the kitchen and place down a plate full of pancakes in front of you.  Furnished in a unique style that seems a mix between back porch and 1940’s dinner, there exudes a real unique energy at the original Bubby’s.  Everything is decked out in a deep wood giving it a tender charm seen in very few places within New York City.  Sitting down for a meal makes you want to really slow down and enjoy what you have in front of you instead of rushing off to the next line on your to-do list.  (There is also locations on the Highline in NYC and another in Japan)  Many of the patrons in the Tribeca restaurant are regulars who can’t start their weekend until they visit this bastion for all things delicious.  Very few places can replicate such unique and heartfelt past food memories quite like Bubby’s can.

Bubby’s is unique for a Tribeca establishment in that it is also open 24 hours a day, although they are best known for their breakfast fare.  Few well known eateries can match that kind of always on service which means amazing down home cooking is available at any time during the day.  The sour dough pancakes are a definite must for anyone who plans to visit and you also really can’t go wrong with anything carb related.  All of the breads and pastries are made in house and have a flavor that can warm your soul.  There really isn’t a food item on the menu that will really disappoint as Bubby’s takes comfort food to a whole new level.  So indulging in a mix between eggs, pancakes, and sandwiches is considered an acceptable meal.

I implore you to take a trip to Bubby’s the next time you are looking for a fresh new place to have breakfast or brunch.  While not new to New York City by any means, Bubby’s is often a forgotten gem buried towards the southern section of Manhattan.  Bubby’s literally means grandmother in Yiddish, and this place cooks up food your grandma would be proud of.