Cafe Gitane – A brunch thats worth the wait

If there is one meal that New Yorkers love above all else, it’s brunch on the weekends. It is
during the hours of 10am-2pm that 4 million hungry, hungover, and dehydrated members of
Gotham City all take to the streets to line up to eat at the same 20 brunch spots. When you are
already starving and desperate for food, to wait over 2 hours for a waffle with some berries and
apple butter sounds crazy… and it is crazy. But if you want a solid breakfast choice what other
options do you have other than to wait in line and hope for the best? Well this past weekend
I can tell you I found an answer to my problems with one of the better brunch options in Cafe
Gitane, a French style bistro located in the Soho area.

When you walk in you get a very French bakery feel and the first thing you notice is the
tables that are pressed together to maximize the space in this small restaurant. If you are
lucky like we were to snag a table by the window you will definitely be in for a much roomier
experience. They do have French cafe style tables outside when it’s warm but this was not one
of those days.

If I could say I wish there was one item on the menu that I could have had more of, it was the
avocado toast. It was so good I wish I had ordered not just one piece as an appetizer, but order
four pieces for an entire meal. I don’t know how they made a simple dish of toasted bread,
avocado, lemon juice, red pepper flakes, and magic so damn good. Simple just seems like just
the right amount at this place as I also partook in the baked egg sandwich with delicious spicy
sausage which hit the spot but was no avocado toast. One other benefit was the fact that even
though this was in a prime brunch location and had some great food, the wait at 1pm was only
10-15 minutes… so how could I complain.

Overall a great brunch option with a very French flair. My hope is that I can find more places
just like this that will fit the brunch bill but without the wait.

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