Cafecito – A little Cuban oasis located deep in the EV

There are a few types of food in NYC that I have made it my goal to find the best of. The list
is short and pretty simple; chicken biscuits, pizza, bagels, and cafe con leche. The last one
is probably the biggest outlier of the group, but ever since a trip to Puerto Rico yielded the
best coffee of my life, I have gone out of my way to try and replicate that once in a lifetime
experience. I did happen to get close during a trip to Miami, but NY had come up woefully
short on the con leche category over the past couple years until this weekend. After wandering
the East Village in some of the coldest temperatures in recent memory all I wanted was some
delicious food to warm the soul and what better than Cuban food?

Wandering into this little cafe does distinctly remind me of a recent trip to Miami with the
wooden furniture/brick walls and the delicious smells of cooked meat wafting through the air. It
even has a little outdoor bar window that I am sure would be practical when the weather isn’t 10
degrees but still seemed very Miami. The first thing that caught my eye was the cafe con leche
and that was the first thing that I ordered. Served in a huge cup, I can tell you this was the best I
have had in the city so far! High praise considering there are now only three places I can vouch
for in this category.

After enjoying the biggest cup of coffee I had drank in months, I went straight for the entree
section of the menu. My date and I enjoyed the empanadas (they say three mini ones but they
were pretty damn big), black bean soup (was ok but served in a huge portion), and the pièce de
résistance was the churrasco (steak with chimichurri sauce). The empanadas and the steak were
both just amazing dishes and I can’t tell you enough that the portions were not small at all. The
final bill ended up being around $40 and we took a large portion of the food home. I was also
told by the wonderful server that Camarones al Ajillo was amazing as well. Overall this is a
wonderfully small cafe that brings the warmth of Cuban cuisine to the East Village. In my mind,
Cafecito is totally worth a visit.


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