Ceci Cela – New York’s Second Favorite Breakfast Bread

While it is well known that New York City’s favorite breakfast food is the iconic bagel, most people wouldn’t think about eating anything else let alone a French pastry.  Yet hidden among the trendy boutiques and stores in New York’s SoHo district is a French Bakery that takes the pastry and makes it an art form.

When you first enter the shop, you are treated with a counter full of some of the most delicious French pastry delicacies this side of the Atlantic Ocean. An assortment of tarts, cookies, and cakes are available for immediate consumption to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth. While desserts make up a majority of Ceci Cela’s menu, the true gem at this bakery is the croissant for which is a hidden secret that most locals would like to keep to themselves. Found in plain, almond, and almond chocolate there is no bad choice when deciding which to eat. Made fresh on a daily basis, the croissant is a perfect blend of buttery flaky goodness that never disappoints the pallet.

If you venture farther back, you will find that inside Ceci Cela resides a small café deeply removed from the chaos that are the streets of New York. This small alcove of a seating area might be able to accommodate at most 20 or so people but never seems to be over crowded and is a perfect place to enjoy a pastry and cup of delicious coffee. What this bakery lacks in size it more than makes up for in character and amazing service, which is often difficult to find in some of the built up areas in the city.  While the limited space prevents you from feeling like you are transported to the cafes of Paris, the taste of its food does that and more.

It is a difficult feat in New York City to make anyone think twice about choosing a bagel for breakfast in the morning but Ceci Cela with possibly the city’s best croissant makes it a very difficult choice.

 New Yorker Tip: Easily located in the heart of the SoHo shopping district, this shop is an easy place to rest and refuel with a coffee and croissant. Take advantage of the back area and if you are looking for something a little more substantial, try a baguette sandwich or quiche for lunch.