Cheeky Sandwiches – The best of southern sandwiches in Chinatown

This little hidden secret was one of those places you have a difficult time finding even when you know where it is. Lost among the crowded storefronts of Chinatown is this little sandwich shop bringing up a unique blend of quality food in a very low key environment.  With a very limited menu of sandwiches, counting only 6 on the menu each highlighting a different kind of meat or veggie, they are able to show why quality beats quantity every single time.  Cheeky Sandwiches definitely needs to be on anyones go to list whenever they are in the mood for good sandwiches at a great price.

I was able to experience a delightful morning biscuit from this tiny little shop in Chinatown.  The shop harkened back to the back porch at your grandma’s house with actually affordable food by NYC standards.   I had the chicken, which is basically a delightfully constructed chicken biscuit sandwich.  It was really quite good even except perhaps for the addition of cabbage that sadly didn’t really enhance the sandwich at all.  That was finished moments after it arrived and I had to order a second sandwich so I went for the egg biscuit since it was still breakfast and I can proudly report that it was just as good as I had hoped.  I would highly recommend this place as a great place to grab a beer, settle down for some great sandwiches, and enjoy an escape from the streets of NY.  For future reference I was told that the biggest sellers beyond the chicken are the short rib and the shrimp po-boy.  If they are anywhere near as good as the other food I had then I can highly recommend them.

New Yorker Tip: One of the standard New Orleans deserts and a delicious treat anywhere you can find them, the beignet is an amazing donut type pastry which is rolled in a ball, deep fried, and dipped in sugar.  At Cheeky Sandwiches, you will find them home made and a perfect compliment to an amazing meal.