Coppelia – 24/7 diner with a Cuban flair

Most 24 hour diners in New York City are cut from the same basic cookie cutter image; with bland basic decor featuring rawhide benches and linoleum tables that cater to those looking to eat either really later at night or really early in the morning.  Due to this, the menus at these diners are almost exactly the same, to where at any hour you could potentially order eggs with a side order of pancakes or a surf and turf special.  Coppelia is a diner looking to buck this trend that all 24 hour restaurants need to be exactly the same by creating a ambience and menu that is completely Cuban inspired that adds character and personality to a place open at all hours.  With fantastic food and a terrific cocktail list, they are redefining what it means to be open 24/7.

The inside of Coppelia has a very latin inspired look with soft pastel colors adoring the walls which resembles more South American home than New York restaurant.  It also makes great use of the small space provided with a rather small kitchen that is able to turn out amazing cuisine at a remarkably fast and consistent rate.  Coppelia is the child of the restaurant group that also owns and operates Toloche and Yerba Buena in Manhattan so they know how to create a unique long lasting presence in a city overrun with sameness.

The menu features a mixture of all different kinds of foods from home made waffles to chicken empanadas and everything in between.  While Coppelia has a huge menu of different options reminiscent of many other New York City diners, most of the food here is cuban inspired, giving a unique take on the afternoon brunch or late night snack.  One really can’t go wrong with any choice on the menu but house favorites are the huevos rancheros, cubano sandwich, empanadas, and the blue cornmeal pancakes which actually come out of the kitchen looking purple.  If you are thinking of having an adult beverage with your meal, then this place will also not disappoint.  The sangria and tequila inspired cocktails here are beyond delicious and are more than worth the price of admission.  Coppelia even has its own home made hot sauce that packs a whole lot of heat and is definitely a welcome addition to any of the items on the menu.  Prices here are also extremely reasonable with most main items coming in around $10 which is a steal considering the portions sizes are extremely generous and will have you leaving satisfied.

If you are looking for an amazing place to eat for brunch on the weekends or a place to grab some food at 4am Thursday after a long night, then look no further than Coppelia.  Serving up a reasonably price Cuban inspired menu with options for any time of day, there really isn’t a bad time to make a trip here for a meal.

New Yorker Tip: Located right on the border  of Greenwich Village and Chelsea, this is a great brunch spot if you are looking for some place more casual than the meatpacking district but with fun energy and crowd.