Corner Bistro – Making the classic New York burger since 1961

Over the past few years New York has seen an influx when it comes to restaurants selling a deluxe hamburger. To do this, the trend has been to add special ingredients to the traditional bun, patty, and cheese recipe.  From Unami Burger to 5 Napkin Burger, the burger movement has favored fancier ingredients in order to stand out in this ever crowded landscape.  Bucking this trend, one burger joint has been overshadowing all of these newcomers by keeping the burger in its simplest form.  Since 1961, Corner Bistro has been creating a classic burger that has delighted its neighborhood and New York City for over 50 years.  Claiming to be the last of the bohemian bars in the West Village, there is no place quite like Corner Bistro both with its amazing food and unique and classic ambience.

The bar keeps a very vintage look as if it has remained unchanged for over 50 years complete with a deep wooden bar lined with cooper paneling and bar stool that look as if they could withstand the test of time.  How unchanged is it here? How many bars are restaurants still have a working pay phone? Even with its decent sized dining room towards the back, Corner Bistro keeps a very quaint and cozy feel. To achieve the true Corner Bistro experience one definitely needs to eat at the bar in the front.  Sitting and eating here, elbow to elbow with locals who may have been regulars for 20 plus years is one of the few places left in the area that gives a old New York experience.  Corner Bistro plays up tradition like no where else and we are happy that the burger hasn’t changed over the years.

The classic burger and fries at Corner Bistro is the traditional order for those first venturing into this restaurant but it isn’t by any means the only thing available.  The grill cheese and the chicken sandwich are all made in the minimalist style, simple but delicious and worth ordering.  The price much like the menu has changed very little over the past 50 years.  Expect to pay less than $10 for a burger here where most other establishments will run you between $15-$20.  If you want to eat like a real New Yorker, saddle up to the bar and grab a mug of beer along with your burger and fries and engage in friendly conversation with the bartender who has been around almost as long as the bar has.

New Yorker Tip: Corner Bistro has been around a very long time and can get very crowded during peak meal times.  The best time to go for a burger is during the afternoon on the weekdays.  If you are unable to get off of work to grab a bite, then getting there when the doors open at 11:30AM is your best option.