Diner – A fantastic meal in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge

Brooklyn is full of unique restaurants that try and veer from the path that had been previously set by the more well known establishments in Brooklyn.  From bars that only feature canned beers to Japanese restaurants that only serve Kosher dishes, it is often difficult to be surprised about what to expect when eating out here.  Yet once in awhile New York can astound you with something completely new and different which is exactly what can be said about Diner in Williamsburg.  Right under the Williamsburg Bridge, this restaurant is new and different in all the best ways and is one of the reasons that Brooklyn is a must visit place for all things food.

Diner is not your atypical restaurant which stems not only from its unique location located almost directly under the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn, but also to the actual structure of the restaurant which is an old Kullman train sleeping car from the 1920’s.  Walking in the general decor of the restaurant makes you think that this is just another typical breakfast for all meals of the day kind of place.  While Diner’s layout does include the typical four seater booths and circular stools surrounding the main counter, thats about as close as it gets to your typical “diner”.  What makes it so different starts with the friendly service from when you first step inside where shockingly most of the workers seem to say hello or at least wave and make you feel welcome.  The menu here is also ever changing, while the handful of main items stays the same how and what it is prepared with changes daily.  While one day you may get brussel sprouts and bacon poached eggs the next time you visit the poached eggs might be accompanied with something completely different.  Before you order, the waitress actually takes the time to walk you through this unique menu and even writes it down for each group of patrons on the tables paper cloth covering.  This is just a small example of what makes this tiny little gem stand out in a neighborhood known for its fantastically unique cuisine.

Diner specializes in not only serving up a fantastic brunch menu but also has comparably delicious lunch and dinner options as well.  It is almost crazy to admit with so many great restaurants in the city that feature this food item, but Diner might have one of the best burgers in all five boroughs.  Beyond just the burger, the lunch and brunch fair features your typical egg dishes, a delicious mix of carbohydrate options, as well as the famed burger.  The differs completely and focuses more on the staples of fish, duck, pork, and steak along with some amazing side options that shouldn’t be missed.  With any of these potential dishes also don’t forget to save some room for dessert which will more than satisfy any desires your sweet tooth longs for.

Diner is a completely unique restaurant that takes a rather simple list of food items and makes an extraordinary menu that will hardly ever be the same more than once.  Only in Williamsburg will you find a restaurant that from all outward appearances looks as if it would serve pancakes until 4am and instead you get a amazing eatery that you will brag to your friends about having gone to.

New Yorker Tip: If you are still hungry after a full meal at Diner and looking to eat some iconic New York steak, a block away you will find Peter Lugar’s Steakhouse which is a landmark of the New York dining community and serves up one of the best steaks you are likely ever to eat.  Also note, Diner does not except reservations and seating can be limited so take advantage of sitting at the counter if space is available.