Four and Twenty Blackbirds – Pie you never want to stop eating

There are desserts you regret, desserts you remember, and in the rarest of cases desserts that you can never forget.  The art of sugary confection is truly a polarizing art and even better at dividing the masses when it is consumed.  Deep in the heart of Brooklyn exists a cozy little pie shop that serves up deep slices of food coma inducing goodness that can leave even the pickiest of patrons wanting more.  Three and Twenty black birds is the kind of places that you will brag to your friends about and upload photos of to your Facebook page.  There really is nothing better than a good slice of pie and Blackbirds is one of the best.

Located deep in the heart of Park Slope, Four and Twenty Blackbirds is a place that is very hard to stumble across and therefore is frequented mostly by locals and people on a mission for a great piece of pie.  The pie selection changes seasonally here so no one trip is exactly like the other.  There are a few exceptions to this rule as the apple pie which is by far the most famous and most popular is almost always available and a choice that is never a mistake.  The only mistake you could make is to forgo the homemade whip cream which is created exclusively in house and is the perfect compliment to any flavor you decide to choose.  Four and Twenty Blackbirds ingredients are all locally sourced from as close as possible so you know the delicious fillings and toppings are as fresh as possible.  Just make sure that you go early enough because you could get unlucky and show up when all the pies have already sold out, so make sure not to make that mistake.

The inside at this pie shop reminds you more of a mom and pop store mixed with coffee shop than a place that is famous for its desserts.  A places where they want you to sit, enjoy yourself, and stay awhile than stand in long lines and escort you immediately out a back door. With long wooden tables made for communal sitting and deep grey wood floors, Blackbirds really gives off a charming atmosphere that is only made better with a full slice of pie in front of you.  Since the daily pie selection usually hoovers around 5-10, asking the staff their favorites is always a good idea but there really isn’t a bad choice you could make.

The Four and Twenty Blackbirds can also be found in many of the delicious desserts found in many iconic New York restaurants like Shake Shake, Luke’s Lobster, and many others.  While you can find these pies in and around the city, you would be doing yourself an injustice if you didn’t visit the home location for a slice and the ability to sit back and relax away from the craziness that is New York City.  The next time your sweet tooth starts hurting and you are looking for that next great dessert experience, head over to Four and Twenty Blackbirds and prepare to indulge on the perfect pie.