Full Circle Bar – Beer cans and skeeball, a Brooklyn delicacy

New York City is littered with bars that have tried to survive on some sort of unique niche but failed to make it interested enough for more than just a single visit.  One such new trend making it’s way through the Burroughs is to feature a bar that focuses on stocking the bar with not only alcohol but the arcade games of the past. No longer will a bar just featuring a Buck Hunter or Pacman in the corner, bars are looking to build a business around having these games be the main draw. Full Circle Bar has been successfully blending games and booze in the heart of Williamsburg for almost 10 years and delights it’s patrons with carnival like joy.

While many bars toil in finding a unique character, Full Circle Bar has found this and more by incorporating the wonderful game of Skeeball in a uniquely Brooklyn dive bar setting.  The first thing that sets Full Circle apart is most definitely its massive love of all things skee.  From the four Skeeball machines that can be found both in the front and back of the bar, to the Brewskeeball (the professional Skeeball league the bar hosts most evenings) photos and trophies that line the walls, this bar loves its old school rolling game.  The bar is exactly like you would picture a Brooklyn dive bar to be, lined with all the classic drinks, shots, and life would expect except. What ads to the bar allure, is the exceptional array of canned beers.  Very few other locations feature over 40 different selections of canned beers from the Pork Slap, Genese, PBR, and many other favorites.  Having a wonderful Brooklyn dive bar atmosphere and combining that with the fun of Skeeball, never really disappoints.  Did I also mention that the bar has a replica painting of Vigo Carpathian from Ghostbusters 2 hanging in one of the corners of the bar? I know, purely amazing!

The one thing that you can say about Full Circle Bar is that the drinks as well as the games, are relatively cheap.   New York is not known for its deals but some days you can actually find free Skeeball here! All other days you will find it just costs only a dollar to roll a game.  The drinks on the other hand, are always relatively cheap as compared with most New York bars.  Beers can be found as low as $3 and the others aren’t much more than that.  The bar constantly features a wide array of always on drink specials that can satisfy even the most unique of pallets.

A bar that provides enjoyment for those Tuesday nights or Saturday afternoons when you are looking for something fun to do with friends, Full Circle has it all.  The beers are always cold and the Skeeball is always ready to be played, so what are you waiting for?

New Yorker Tip:  This bar also has really close ties with the surrounding community and the other neighborhood establishments that are close by.  How many other bars that you know of that will give away a free Genese can with any ticket stub from the local movie theater?  Yes, a local movie ticket stub will get you a free beer at the Full Circle Bar!