Good Beer – A beer lovers dream house

While it seems you can find a wine store in New York City almost every other block, there are few options for the beer lovers out there.  Most of the time the beer lover in NYC is forced to scavenge from the local deli or convenience store to find any sort of hoppy brew. When I say that around me, the best selection comes from the local 7-11 you know how barren the city really is.  Yet, deep in the heart of the East Village stands a oasis for all things craft beer and beer related.  The aptly named good beer is a store dedicated strictly to those of us who are tired of the normal poor beer selection and who take our beer drinking as serious as any wine sommelier.

When you walk in the door you the first thing you will notice is the massive selection of beers that the store actually sells.  From back to front you will find the shelves and the coolers stacked with beers of all different types, flavors, and sizes.  I personally had no idea that there were that many beers actually available and was pleasantly surprised by this fact.  From the website, “The stock is roughly 80% American craft beer and 20% from Germany, Belgium, the UK and Scandinavia.”  If that many beers is slightly overwhelming and you aren’t exactly sure what you want, the employees are incredibly attentive and knowledgable and will help you find that beer for any occasion.

One of the unique factors of the store is that it doesn’t just function as a store but also as a restaurant/bar with the ability to try out any of the 12 beers that they have on tap.  The taps rotate pretty frequently so each time you go is almost like a brand new experience.  They serve up a unique and plentiful blend of craft beers with $6 pints and $8 tasting flights to drink at the 6 tables towards the back, which is actually a pretty decent deal for New York City standards.  They add new taps to the 12 almost daily so there is almost always something different when you go.  They also allow for the creation of beer growlers (64 oz) that you can get from the beers on tap for as little as $14 for some of the selections.

So if you are looking for a place to get your beer fix on and don’t know what you are in the mood for, Good Beer will have exactly the beer to fit your mood.