Hill Country Chicken – Chicken and buttermilk biscuit goodness

I had been hyping up my pre lunch visit to Hill Country Chicken for a few weeks before I finally made my pilgrimage there.  My expectations were high, for this was chicken establishment was opened by the same people who crank out delicious Texas BBQ at Hill Country.   When I found out that they served chicken biscuits for breakfast I knew I had to go and see how they stacked up.

When you first walk in, you feel like you get transported back to some 1950’s roadside restaurant in the midwest, but delightfully it doesn’t seem forced.  To often a NYC restaurant will try to replicate the heartland and fall flat but this place exuded energy and home cooked pies. It didn’t hurt they had a whole bunch of board games available to play in the downstairs section.  Yet I was not on a mission to spell out my name in a light bright (yes they did have one) but I was there to sink my teeth into the meaty goodness of a C biscuit.

The chicken biscuit itself was good, not great, but just good. The chicken you could tell was the chicken that they serve normally that they just placed on a home made biscuit so it was far to big.  This would have been fine but the biscuit was extremely crumbly and barely stayed together after the first bite.  It was also kind of small and more dense than what I was hoping for.  It also lacked a extreme butteriness that one comes to expect from something made of buttermilk.  While adding a bunch of hot sauce did improve the flavor, I can sadly say I was slightly disappointed.  I had wanted so much more and this experience fell flat.  While the chicken was good, when combined with the biscuit, this really wasn’t all I hoped it would be.  Definitely make a trip here is you want to grab some fried chicken, but there is no need to come early for the chicken biscuit