Iron Horse Bar – A bar with just the right amount of sleaze

I have been living downtown for almost three years now and had yet to set foot inside of this particular bar.  I did occasionally walk by this establishment late at night to see coeds using the swing located above the bar but never partook until new years this past year.  I have to admit, there had been many adult beverages consumed before walking into this bar so the night was slightly hazy but for the most part everyone in my group had a good time.

The Iron Horse Bar is what you would expect from a place that can be called a dive bar but by NYC standards it was actually pretty large.  The bar stretched out long enough to make it manageble to get a drink even on new years even when it felt like it was crowded.  They played good music, drinks and shots were only mildly expensive, and the back of the bar had a photo booth of which several pictures were taken.  If you are asking if the swing above the bar was ever used…. I can tell you emphatically that yes it was.  The crowd was very diverse bringing in a mix of coeds from all sorts of areas but I would say the medium age floated between 25-30 during this particular night.   Overall it was a good time and just like the title of the post, had the right amount of sleaze.  This place is a sports/dive bar that doesn’t overdo it with anything special.  If you are looking for a random Friday/Saturday night, this could be a solid option to have one of those nights where you only slightly remember what happened.