Jacobs Pickles – Brunch, biscuits, and pickles.. a great combination

One of the staples of every new yorkers weekend includes a Saturday or Sunday around noon in which they make a  tired and sleepy exodus out of their apartments and wearily slump to brunch.  Much like the northern and southern migration of birds, this brunch migration seems to happen almost like clockwork after a long night out in the city.  This migratory act usually entrails a few very important factors.. some delicious breakfast/lunch like food, strong coffee, and occasionally some cocktails.

One of the best brunch places to recover from a long NYC weekend is a restaurant located on the upper west side called Jacobs Pickles.  While it looks like the typical small UWS bar from the outside, it is shockingly spacious once you enter.  They have a large back area which can accommodate some very big groups and a large front bar with several standing tables (even a large outdoor area that would have been great if it was 30 degrees warmer).  Decked out in an exposed brick and wood interior, this restaurant oozes southern charm and upper west side style.  Behind the long bar as you walk in, you can find a wall of different kinds of whiskey (of which they have some delicious sounding cocktails on the menu) and a solid mix of microbrews on tap.  Those kinds of options make this a great brunch choice but also makes for a great lunch, dinner, or beyond.

This southern den of delicious not only serves up some of the best brunch food around but also specializes in a unique food that you normally won’t see at most brunch establishments.  That food of course is the pickle, which are homemade and served up in style.. stuffed in a large mason jar. While I didn’t have this to accompany my meal, I did see these delicious treats brought out to another table.  Three huge mason jars came out on a wooden plank and put in front of a group of 4 who seemed to devour these items with ease.  While pickles are one of the focuses of this brunch spot, I had my mind on a whole different kind of food.  I had heard that this place served up a fantastic breakfast chicken biscuit and I was determined to eat it.  When the chicken biscuit did come out from the kitchen two things immediately came to mind, first this was one of the biggest breakfast sandwiches I have ever seen and two, how was I going to eat all of it.  I can say that the sheer size was only overshadowed by its deliciousness… the biscuit had the right amount of buttermilk flavor and the chicken had that perfect crunch without being over breaded. The only downside was that the biscuit wasn’t thick enough to hold up being a sandwich and I had to resort to a knife and fork…. it was a small sacrifice.

This was a place that I plan to recommend to friends for many weekends to come and I recommend that you go as well!