Juliana’s Pizza – Brooklyn pizza served with old world charm

New Yorkers often claim to be the one and only expert about the city, from the best ways to get uptown to the best kind of bagel, we have an opinion on everything.  Yet, there is nothing that brings out a native New Yorkers passion quite like asking them where the best pizza comes from.  With so many places in the city to choose from, it can often be hard to track down where the best pizza truly originates.  Even with so many options there is one place which can trace its pizza linage all the way back to the 1940’s and it has been serving up some of the best coal oven pizza New York has ever seen.  Juliana’s Pizza stands out in a city where new restaurants pop up on a daily basis and this restaurant proves that new doesn’t always mean better.

Most people don’t know this but Juliana’s is actually owned and operated by the Grimaldi family, the same family that started and made Grimaldi’s Pizza into the famous landmark that it is today.  The story behind This pizza landmark is that the Grimaldi family sold the name and original location to a customer several years ago. The new owner ended up losing its lease on the original Grimaldi’s Pizza location and had to move its main location to the building right next door. Patsy Grimaldi who had been making pizza in New York since the 1940’s, took over the lost location (with the same coal oven still there) and reentered the Brooklyn pizza business.

The inside of the Juliana’s can only be described as a mixture of old world charm and contemporary chic with dark wood furniture blended together seamlessly with the modern New York stylings of exposed brick walls and pressed tin ceilings.  Yet what what makes Juliana’s stand out (besides its out of this world pizza) is its throw back New York aura with its owner who strolls through the restaurant saying hello to all who enter and making friends with most patrons before they leave.  The restaurant even has a little shrine to the great Frank Sinatra on one of its walls which only seems to further lend authenticity to this little pizza parlor.

The menu includes all the classics you would expect from a Brooklyn eatery from the simple salad and soups the the classic margarita pizza.  They also have a mix of specialty pies that are mix in the traditional pizza ingredients with some extremely special toppings like white truffles, smoked salmon, or pancetta.  While the specialty pizzas are both unique and amazing, one definitely shouldn’t overlook the simplicity of the margarita pie of which has made Juliana’s famous.  The mixture of sweet tomato sauce mixed with the savory mozzarella cheese atop a golden brown crust that has been cooked to perfection in a coal oven might be one of the best flavors the city has to offer.  If you can manage another bite, following up a perfectly cooked pizza with some New York Cheesecake could perhaps be the perfect meal.

This pizza restaurant is located right in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge and really is a can’t miss destination for anyone looking to experience truly life altering New York City pizza.

New Yorker Tip: Like most iconic New York pizza locations, trying to go to Juliana’s on the weekend when most tourists are making a trek over the Brooklyn Bridge can lead to you waiting in line for a decently long time.  If you want to avoid this wait then you are better off coming during the week day around 7pm which will normally yield little if no line at all.