Kuma Inn – A mix of tapas and Southeast Asian

Everything about the Kuma Inn is interesting and fascinating, starting with the fact that the entrance is really hard to find.  Located on the second floor right above two bars (one in the basement and the other on the first floor) it also has no sign to speak of.  Once inside, you are greeted by some of the most wonderful smells that a mix of Thai, Filipino, and Southeast Asian food can provide.  While empty on the night I went (due mostly to a snow storm) you could tell that this place oozed with flavor and personality.  It didn’t hurt that playing on the background speakers was a solid mix of 90’s rap.  I can say that I ordered far to much and was only far to happy about that decision. Some personal favorites were the Chinese pork, chicken wings, edamame with basil lime oil.  I walked away with this meal feeling extremely full as well as feeling I had discovered a hidden gem.  This is a highly recommended spot for a tapas style meal (smaller portions) but with a asian twist.

Note that this bar has two distinct things to know before going to the Kuma inn, the first is that its a BYOB restaurant so bring your own wine.  This feature is kind of nice as it can really reduce the price of a nice meal and you can to bring your favorite wine.  There are very few BYOB places in NYC so I am happy to report that this is one of them.  The second is that this bar is cash only, so be sure to hit an ATM before going.