Miette Culinary Studio – Teaching cooking like its a family dinner

Miette Culinary Studio is a cooking education program active in New York City for over 17 years and truly defines what it means to combine the love of good food and the company of friends.   The class gives the feeling of cooking at home with friends, complete with the engaging conversation, laughs, and stories.  This goes way beyond simply the decor of the cooking studio and repartee between attendees, and there is a aura, engendered by the chefs as soon as you walk in the door, that you are engaging in something special.  Upon exiting, you are left feeling as though you have just made a class full of friends, complete with genuine hugs given by co-owner Chef Sui Lon.

They expanded a little over a year ago and now have two distinct spaces in Manhattan.  The newest cooking classroom is on the Lower East Side- right in the heart of Little Italy- and is truly a beautiful place to make amazing meals.  Combining an extremely large dinning room area, spacious cooking and prep areas, an outdoor patio (complete with not one, but two grills), and exposed brick walls makes for a cooking experience like no where else.

Naturally, we at ExploringNY took the Grilling Masterclass: Southern Decadence, which, as you can imagine, involved all sorts of delicious fried and grilled foods along with many beloved BBQ sides. A combination of fried chicken, ribs on the grill, mac and cheese, home made bbq sauce, potato salad, baked beans, home made pie and ice cream, and greens were all cooked up.  The class was geared towards keeping recipes simple, so that they could be made at home, but also making them unique so that you could feeling like you were making something truly special.  Each member was assigned a group and each group was in charge of a specific food item for the meal.  Cutting, dicing, and mixing all under the watchful eyes of the two chefs, each more than happy to share useful tips on how to improve cooking technique.  Once assembled and prepped, everything was thrown in to cook and then prepared family style for everyone to enjoy.  In the end, all of the foods tasted even better than what they look like in the photos and made for an amazing spread.

Like with most cooking classes, Miette’s chefs provided tips on different ways to brine and fry up chicken thighs along with advice on the best ways to chop different types of vegetables, but there was also a deeper knowledge imparted upon everyone taking the class, about what cooking truly means.  With Chefs Sui Lon and Robert Evan Thomas, you really felt the love and passion in how they view, teach and talk about cooking.  These unique conversations between teacher and pupil are really what made this class so special; anyone can teach proper cutting techniques, but it takes a special chef to impart a lasting imprint of the love of cooking.  From stories about growing up cooking in Louisiana by Chef Robert Evan Thomas to BBQing mishaps by Chef Sui Lon, these conversations transcended the typical cooking education into the realm of stories told amongst friends.  This is what made the class so unique and special, it really felt like a Sunday dinner with friends instead of a cooking class with complete strangers.

The greatest compliment that we can give to Miette Culinary Studio is this, there is a 100% chance we will sign up for another one of their cooking classes.  Most of the people who took the class along with Exploring NY were repeat customers with one group of three attending their seventh class.  If you’ve been looking for a cooking class in the city, look no further.