Mighty Quinn’s – Enough BBQ to feed an entire village

New York City is known as a place where food is king.  It considers itself as a food mecca, with its many different and diverse cultures giving it a wide range culinary experiences.  From Italian to Vietnamese, you are hard pressed to find a restaurant that can’t rival even the best restaurants from their country of origin.  With all this diversity, there was always one type of food that seemed to evade making an impact on the cities food culture, and that is barbecue.  Over the past few years, the art of the pit master has started to make a real impact on the New York food scene and imbedded itself within many of the cities neighborhoods.  One neighborhood that had seemed to hold out on this food invasion was the East Village, which up until recently lacked a BBQ flagship.  That flagship has recently arrived in the form of Mighty Quinn’s, which has taken the banner and established itself as the standard for which all other BBQ restaurants in the East Village now have to live up to.

Mighty Quinn’s bills itself as the “first authentic BBQ experience in a fast casual setting” and that is exactly what they have accomplished.  The restaurant serves up food like many other Texas style restaurants, a buffet style line complete with meat carving section and many different unique styled sides.  The meat ranges from the brisket (which is a must get while eating at Mighty Quinn’s). wings, ribs, and other BBQ fare.  Beyond the out of this world smoked meats, Mighty Quinn’s helps separate itself from some of the other BBQ spots in the city from its unique sides which are somewhat healthier versions of the traditional BBQ picnic favorites.  Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple & Pecans or Sweet Corn & Edamame Salad, are not exactly the mac and cheese you would normally see but are wonderful substitutes.  With a healthy selection of beers both on tap and by the bottle, Mighty Quinn’s really shows how it can debunk that theory that having food in a fast casual setting means that the food and drinks need to be ordinary.

With dark wood paneled walls matching the dark wood chairs accented in metal, the decor of Mighty Quinn’s provides the perfect ambience for consuming large plates of cooked meat.  With both indoor and outdoor seating, this is one of the premier places to get your summer BBQ fix and great for large groups looking for that place that doesn’t need reservations.  While there still can be somewhat of a line during peak times, this has mostly diminished now that Mighty Quinn’s has three locations in Manhattan, two in Brooklyn, and one in New Jersey.

Mighty Quinn’s is quickly establishing itself as the go to for all things BBQ within New York City with its steady growth all around the Tri State area. Bringing together some solid BBQ staples within a unique fast but comfortable environment, Mighty Quinn’s is definitely a unique dining experience within the city.  Next time you are looking for something quick but also something memorable, this is the place to go.

New Yorker Tip:  The East Village location can get rather crowded during some of the peak meal times during the day especially at dinner so going during slightly off hours is recommended to miss the line.