Murray’s Bagels – A recipe for a delicious bagel

The breakfast scene in New York City has always been very carbohydrate centric.  Whether that focused food was pancakes, waffles, muffins, or even leftover pizza from the night before, the carb really stands out as the staple for all things breakfast related.  As all New Yorkers know, there is one food that stands above the rest for the morning repast, and that is the bagel.  The history of New York and it’s bagel culture go back over 100 years to There are so many different places to get a bagel within the city, from the corner deli to Starbucks, but if you want the best there are only few places that have perfected the art of the wheel shaped bread.  While I won’t dare say which is my favorite, I can say that there are several institutions that stand above the rest to help you form your own opinion.

After 10am the line starts really getting long outside of Murray’s Bagels, which first opened up in 1996. Any place that has been around for almost 20 years in New York City and sells just a single item is definitely a success.  While there isn’t much of a dinning area on the inside, this place churns out 100’s upon 100’s of bagels to hungry carbohydrate fans starting at 6am every morning.  Most fans are West Village locals who grab up bagels by the dozen in all the traditional flavors you have come to know and love. The bagels are huge by anyones standards with a doughy thickness that really makes it special. It has a toasted outer shell covering a soft chewy inside that makes this New York bagel stand out among the NYC bagel scene.  Like all those other famous bagel joints, you won’t get your bagel toasted here (due in part to speeding up the bagel creation process) but don’t let that prevent you from enjoying this meal.  I ended up getting an everything bagel with cream cheese and a bagel with cream cheese and lox which were both out of this world.  The Murray Bagel more than lived up to its billing as one of the best in the city.  The biggest testament to this is the fact that there is no picture of the bagel in the below gallery due to the fact I ended up eating it before I could take the photo.

Murray’s Bagels is definitely worth the trip to the West Village, having perfected the bagel to its circular glory.  Soft and chewy and full of flavor this bagel definitely lives up the New York bagel standard of greatness.