Murray’s Cheese Shop – No such thing as too much cheese

Cheese is a wonderful thing.  It can be eaten alone its all its glory or added to other dishes to make something even more incredible.  One would think that your local grocery store would be more than enough to fill any cheese craving considering that most have an entire isle dedicated to this pillar of protein.  This is what I thought until one of my latest adventures into the West Village, when I came across a mecca for all things cheese in Murray’s Cheese Shop.  Cheese from entrance to exit, this is a the perfect place to go for any cheese craving for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

If you have ever uttered the phrase “there is no such thing as to much cheese” then this is place that you need to visit.  Founded all the way back in 1940, this cheese shop has over 70 years of exhaustive cheese knowledge and experience.  The man behind the counter, (who should be better identified as a cheese sommelier) took me on a cheese journey and asked me every question under the sun about what I wanted in a cheese… Did I want it nutty?  What kind of texture did I want?  Cow or goat?  The questions kept coming until we arrived at the perfect cheese for my current mood (the cheese I bought can be found in the picture below).  Then of course a cheese visit is not complete until you eat a grill cheese straight from the source.  I had the Murray Melt which is a special combination of cheeses and for lack of some better words, a perfect blend of cheeses and bread.  I would definitely come back to sample some of the other melts they have, especially the one with the short rib.  While the stores main feature is its cheese, this is not the only thing that is sold here.  Within the Murray’s walls you will find cheese plates, knives, graters, ect. and it the perfect stop for anyone hoping to throw a cheese party.

While the West Village shop is the flagship store you will also find they also have a smaller location within Grand Central’s market area and a bar located a few doors down on Bleecker Street.  There are also some very unique features of the shop in that they offer classes in which you can learn about all things cheese.  Classes such as teaching you the harmony of wine and cheese, exploring the combination of what cheeses pair best with whiskey, or making your own mozzarella.  These are just some of the interesting cheese related themes classes that Murray’s Cheese Shop covers.  One of my favorite facts about Murray’s Cheese Shop is the fact that they have several different cheese caves in which they actually age their own cheeses.  The cheese is aged in different caves based on the type of cheese and the goal of the aging.

My honest recommendation for any cheese lover is to definitely stop by for a visit.  Even if you don’t leave with a large hunk of cheddar in your bag, you will most likely leave a little more knowledgable and having tasted some great cheese.