Noorman’s Kil – Whiskey and grill cheese, the perfect combination

Comfort food and whiskey, was there ever a better combination of things to make even the coldest days just a little bit warmer? Well leave it to Brooklyn and more specifically Williamsburg to dream up the amazing combination of creating a whiskey bar that specifically serves only a single food, grill cheese.

Noorman’s Kil seemingly has it all… they have over 400 whiskey’s on menu to choose from, over 12 rotating craft beers on tap, and a large selection of other alcoholic beverages in case you are in the not beer/whiskey mood.  It has a dark wood interior with a long bar that invites you to sit down and enjoy the finest whiskey exports from around the world.  During the warmer days, it even has an expansive outdoor exterior for those who like to imbibe their spirits under the stars.  As a big fan of whiskey’s from the Islay region of Scotland I can say that I was very impressed with their selection and even more impressed with the bartenders knowledge.  They were knowledgeable and friendly, and really helped make this a truly memorable whiskey bar experience. This bar usually can get pretty crowded during times right after 6 but slows down to a more relaxed vibe later in the evening around 9/10. So plan your night accordingly!

Yet interestingly enough, whiskey wasn’t the main reason that I ended up at Noorman’s Kil. I first heard of this place because of its grill cheese selection.  There are few bars that can get people in the door by selling just a single food item but Norman’s Kil is able to do so with imagination and flair.  By creating unique and delicious combinations of bread and cheese, the owners of NK have established a special niche. Served either on Ciabatta bread or sourdough, you can choose from various combinations like the Karen which is a combination of four different cheeses or the Betsy which is Vermont Chevre cheese.. apricot jam.. honey.. and thyme.  Cooked simply on a panini press at the bar, I was overwhelmed at how good a simple sandwich can be especially when paired with a great glass of whiskey.

So for any whiskey or grill cheese lover out there, this is a place that can not be missed.  Fun for those nights when all you need is a little comfort food or if all you need is a glass of whiskey neat… either option served here is guaranteed to help warm up your soul.


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