Pasticceria Rocco Café – Family tradition is best done with desserts

When one thinks of Italian pastries in New York, the first thought is usually to Little Italy, the traditionally Italian section of New York.  Yet as the city has evolved, so has the cultural diversity.  Where Little Italy is no longer the home for Italian immigrants looking to bring a slice of the home land to America.  While the traditions of amazing Italian delicacies are no longer found in Little Italy, they have not been all together lost in the city.  One just needs to look a little harder but the reward is worth it.  One such place can be found in the west West Village which has been serving the neighborhood cannoli’s to die for since 1974.  Pasticceria Rocco Café has been baking and perfecting Italian delicacies for over 40 years.

Rocco’s Café is a family owned establishment that has been passed down from father to son and has earned New York City institution status. While the café has been open since 1974, the bakery expertise runs far longer as the founder had been a New York City pastry engineer for far longer.  Rocco’s impresses us mere mortals with its baking prowess when you first walk in the door as you you immediately get surrounded by some of the biggest and best cookies found anywhere on the east coast.  Nothing satisfies a dessert craving quite like a New York style black and white cookie the size of a salad plate.  You also can choose from a wide array of other types including the M&M cookie which will bring anyone back to their childhood, the peanut butter cookie packed with Reece’s Pieces, or the more unique brownie marsh mellow cookie.

Yet the real pleasure here can be found in the Italian style pastries, cookies, cakes, and especially the cannoli’s.  The cannoli is what Rocco’s is famous for, and expect these to be served up fresh to order.  They will fill them on the spot, allowing you to choose from the traditional cannoli shell or one that is covered in chocolate.  Unlike most NYC bakeries, this spot also boasts a rather large seating area for which you can sit in store to enjoy one of your freshly made delights.  Also enjoy some amazing Italian coffee or espresso along with your pastries to complete the experience.

Rocco’s is a bakery that should not be missed when looking to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Having been perfecting these confectionary masterpieces for over 40 years you know you won’t be let down.  As they say in the Godfather, “Take the cannoli”, you will be glad you did.

New Yorker Tip: As a New Yorker, I highly recommend getting the cannoli, but also don’t forget to grab a black and white cookie or half moon cookie.  It’s a mix of cake and cookie and a personal favorite of ExploringNY.