Pouring Ribbons – Classing up the EV bar scene one suit vest at a time

When most people think about the EV and bars, they usually think of some of the divyest places in NYC.  This is not far from the truth, all up and down alphabet city you can find some of the oldest bars around.  Yet there are a few places out there that are trying to change this conception.  Pouring Ribbons is one of these places, creating high quality cocktails in a unusually large spaced environment.  Like most high end cocktail bars you will find an abundance of delicious drinks, bartenders with vests, and hipsters looking for ironic cocktails (just joking about the third one).

When you end up looking for this place for the first time, you will find that its difficult to spot from the street.  Mostly due to the fact that its located on the second floor and the only real sign is on an awning adoring the outside of the building.  I can tell you that once you do find the second floor, you will be in for a real treat.  Unlike most high end cocktail lounges, there is actually space to sit.  Not only are there several spots at the bar and several hightop tables, but there is a whole additional room for which to enjoy that top notch bourbon drink.  One issue is that because of the large amount of space, having just two bartenders will probably make getting a drink slightly slower.  Also be ready for the NYC cocktail prices, but thats pretty much normal these days.

The drink that I can vouch for is the Action Bronson, a mix of rose infused whiskey, lime, grapefruit, beet, and plum.  While looking at the drink the first time, I like most people laughed at who would even think of drinking it.  But this drink surprised the hell out of me as it was not only delicious but also very refreshing.  They also have a bunch of cheeses from Beechers that you can order along with your drinks.

This bar is a rare commodity and hopefully a mainstay in the east village area.  I can say if you go, get ready for some darn good cocktails and an enjoyable atmosphere at Pouring Ribbons.



*photo take from http://themixlab.wordpress.com/