Prospect Park – A piece of beautiful Brooklyn

When you think of New York City, most people don’t think of sprawling green space but of concrete and towering buildings.  Yet, New York City actually hosts one of the largest green spaces of all major American cities. While Central Park is by far the most famous parks in the Big Apple, there is another equally impressive and beautiful park located in Brooklyn.  Prospect Park is just a stones throw from Manhattan and houses just as much wonder as its Manhattan counterpart while less than half its size.

There is a distinct difference between being in Central Park than being in Prospect Park.  When in Central Park you are always in a state of awe and wonder as you see locations from famous hollywood movies but never have a feeling of being outside of the city as you are forced to move with large packs of tourists from location to location.  In every direction there is a cascading wall of buildings towering over the treetop canopy which is a constant reminder that the city is never far.  In Prospect Park, the buildings are hardly larger than the trees so you get an ethereal feeling of wonderment as actually exploring some untouched wilderness.  People are much fewer in number, and the paths seem less traveled.

What Prospect Park might lack notoriety over its more famous counterparts, it more than makes up for it in beauty.  There are long stretches of meadows where you can find a dog and its owner playing fetch or a dad and his son playing catch.  The park seems far more spread out, as there are more spaces for people to enjoy the outdoors.  The highlights of the park are definitely the dirt paths surrounded by towering trees that give you a sense of a true forest hike instead of paved roadways.  (There are many paved roads bordering the park which makes this a favorite spot of Brooklyn bikers and runners alike) Also, the splendor of the Prospect Park Lake is not to be missed. On the lake you will find an actual shore line, which for many Manhattan residents is a luxury compared to the concrete barriers surrounding the island.  The lake provides breathtaking views in all directions, unimpeded by any background skyscrapers.  There is a so much space to explore as the park also includes both a zoo and a botanical garden, making it great even for the most diverse groups.

New Yorker Tip: On the weekends, you will find the main entrance for the park hosts a variety of different events.  On Saturdays there is a green market where local farmers sell there products.  On ever first and third Sunday locals come out in droves for the food trucks which brings the best food on four wheels anywhere in the city.