Russ and Daughters – Open for 100 years so you know its good

Just like the title says, if something has been open for 100 years especially in New York City, you know that they have to be doing something good.  This place really lays claim to what we all have come to love an expect from NYC, a great bagel.

I have been living in NYC for over 5 years now and can say without any hesitation that this place is unlike any other that serves the little round breakfast carbohydrate.  When you say 100 year old deli/store that serves bagels and other assorted jewish cuisine/products, my mind pictured an extremely old building with produce on the walls from the 1800’s and counters that have seen the great depression.  Yet this couldn’t be any farther from the truth to what Russ and Daughters is actually like.  Walking in is like entering a surgeons operating room, everything is immaculately clean and new with gourmet foods lining the walls.  Behind the counters you will find men and woman expertly trained in the art of making you the best bagel possible.  They are like bagel engineers, perfectly assembling you a bagel, cream cheese, and lox.  The bagels are true NY bagels that have been boiled (then baked) and not just baked, the cream cheese is distinctly old school jewish deli, and the lox is hand carved in front of you to fit your sandwich perfectly.  If you want a great NYC bagel experience that will be different than all the other deli’s, carts, and Dunkin Donuts out there, this is the place to go.

Since there is no place to sit down in the deli everything is taken to go.  Also a great place to grab a whole lot of fish and bagels for a large party… know that this place is not inexpensive but worth the price.