Sleep No More – A performance you won’t understand but still love

How do you really explain what Sleep No More is without giving away the fun of experiencing
this uniqueness firsthand? If you want me to sum it all up, it’s like seeing Guy’s and Doll’s, a
silent movie, the ballet, and Shakespeare all rolled into one… oh yeah and it takes place in 4
different floors of a hotel. Your next question should be, how the hell does that happen? And
after seeing it, I wish I knew the answer to that. What I can tell you is that this was definitely
the most uncommon performance that I have ever seen. The “show” takes place over 4 different
floors of a building that this acting/dancing group has converted into what looks like a 1920′s
hotel. I promise you, this will have you talking for days to come and you will want to tell your
friends to go so you can discuss it with them as well.

Instead of telling you exactly what happened to me during my visit to the Sleep No More hotel,
I thought it better to give you a few secrets and hints before you go When you first enter, the
area you will walk into is the bar… so as always I recommend trying a drink or two. They
have some amazing cocktails that include some very unique absinthe drinks… so don’t go
on an empty stomach. Second, know that if you can, don’t wear glasses… contacts would
definitely be ideal…I won’t tell you why so just trust me. Third, since it is on 4 different
floors, wear shoes that are easy to climb up and down stairs and don’t wear anything that might
get stepped on while traversing those stairs. Fourth, make sure to explore, the detail to the
individual rooms is breathtaking and almost everything can be picked up and looked at or opened
and touched. Fifth, the performance basically loops twice, so if you miss something the first
time it will come back a second time with a much different ending after the second loop. The
performance lasts for about 3 hours so don’t feel bad about making your way back down to the
bar to sit for a spell and grab a second round of drinks.

Apparently if you are one of the lucky few, there is a secret 6th floor that you can get invited
to. It seems that access to this is pretty random so don’t feel discouraged if you aren’t able to
see it. The floor is closed off to only a select few a night so cross your fingers. Overall this is a
phenomenal experience that you really won’t find anywhere else. While the performance might
not have been exactly geared towards my taste, the way they presented it more than kept me
entertained for the night. This is a must go for anyone looking for something slightly different
than what Broadway has to offer.