Smorgasburg – The best of NYC food all in one place

Brooklyn knows a thing or two about food.  Over the past few years there has been a subtle shift in the New York City food scene in which Brooklyn has started to stake its claim as the best boroughs for food.  Delicious restaurants of all shapes and sizes have started to flourish and thrive across the East River from Manhattan which traditionally had led the way in NYC cuisine.  Staples such as La Esquina and Dinosaur BBQ have all opened up additional eateries in Brooklyn which has coincided with this surge in foodie culture.  Yet nothing truly defines this unique up and coming food tradition quite like the spectacle that is Smorgasburg.  Traditional food fairs are a common site during the warmer months in NYC but they usually consist of gyro’s, grilled corn, and hot dogs but Smorgasburg takes this food fair concept and applies its own gourmet spin.

Smorgasburg essentially is the extension of what traditionally had been Brooklyn Flea, which is a market for local shops to sell their wares.  The founders of BKflea felt the need for something different and food related so the obvious next step was to create a place where local food entrepreneurs could go to sell delicious morsels to a hungry public… the outcome was Smorgasburg.  It is setup very much like how you would picture a flea market, with row after row of food stalls aligned in one big square right on the East River.  (As a side note, the view of Manhattan from here is spectacular and worth the trip in and of itself, and when adding in the food available, it is a definite must visit)  The main draw are the numerous options for small bites of food ranging from asian themed, to pizza seafood, and anything else your mind can think up.  There are also a mixture of vendors meal enhancers (like honey or hot sauce), cocktail bitters, salad dressings, deserts, and more.  These are premium food options in which all of the venders need to go through a vetting process before they are even allowed to set foot within the confines of Smorgasburg.  One other unique feature of this outdoor event is that it features a outdoor beer garden where different types of beer from the Brooklyn Brewery is served.  Nothing says relaxing weekend like drinking a fine brew with an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline surrounded by the finest food Brooklyn has to offer.

Smorgasburg takes place at different location on Saturday than it does on Sunday.  On Saturday it can be found in Williamsburg right off the first stop on the L from Manhattan and on Sunday it can be found in Brooklyn Bridge Park right off the 2/3 stop from Manhattan.  In either case you will be treated to a plethora of delicious food choices as each day features over 100 different venders from all over NYC.  So for any food lover out there, this is a must visit… and it is highly recommended you go hungry!

New Yorker Tip: Go early as Smorgasburg tends to get pretty crowded as the day goes on.  It is open 11am-6pm and some of the vendors take a little longer to setup so the ideal time to arrive would be 11:30am.

Must Try: There is always a huge line for the ramen burger so if you get a chance definitely make this your first place to visit.  Also in love with porchetta sandwich, the chicken and waffles, and the brisket sandwich from Mighty Quinn’s.