St. Luke’s in the Fields – An oasis in the heart of the West Village

When most people think about parks in New York City, their eyes almost always turn to the expansive and ever impressive Central Park found in upper Manhattan or Prospect Park found within Brooklyn.  Yet throughout the city there is a plethora of unique and hidden green spaces that even the most seasoned of New Yorkers have not heard about or experienced.  One such place is a little slice of tranquility found in the shadows of St. Luke’s in the Fields deep within the West Village.  This little park is know mostly only to locals who enjoy the peaceful confines of this park as a getaway from the noise of the concrete jungle.

The Field’s park is actually unlike most parks in the city in that it is privately owned by the church that surrounds it.  Open most hours when the sun is out, you will often find locals enjoying a cup of coffee early in the morning or reading on the many park benches.  The park is relatively small by most standards as it sits only on 2/3rds an acre of land but even this small space can feel like a respite from city life.  It really is best during the spring when the parks cherry blossoms are in season along with its flower gardens.  The photos below are ones I took at the very beginning of spring when things were less green but you can definitely see how and why this park can be an beautiful city oasis in a neighborhood known for its charming streets.

For those early risers, one suggestion would be to grab a coffee and bagel combination from Murray’s Bagels which is only about a 5 minute walk from the park.  From Murray’s take a stroll over to the park to enjoy a nice NYC breakfast surrounded by the relaxing foliage that the park provides.  A really great place to enjoy some quite moments in a city, St. Luke’s is really a hidden gem for those looking for an untroubled setting or a space for inspiration.  There are very few parks like this left in the city, so its a space to really be appreciated.