Tchoup Shop – Great food in the heart of Bushwick

If you are a chicken biscuit fan like myself and consistently disappointed that there is no Chick-Fil-a in NYC that serves breakfast then I have some great news for you. Out in the heart of Bushwick there is a bar that serves a delicious C-Biscuit all day long. Located only blocks from the 7 Train stop.  This delicious food can be found at a bar called Heavy Woods.  Located inside of this bar is a pop up kitchen which until only recently I had no idea was a thing.

The establishment has that Brooklyn charm with a nice long bar topped with copper and a wall full of different whiskeys.  They also have one of the best deals in town with a shot and a can of PBR for $5.  But it wasn’t the solid choice of whiskey or the cheap liquor deals that brought me here on a Wednesday night, it was the chicken biscuit but the real charm is the biscuit. Served with a buttermilk biscuit, pepper jelly, and smoked chicken (not fried) the pop up kitchen called Tchoup Shop really has a winner on its hands. While a chicken biscuit is normally considered a breakfast food I can happily announce that Tchoup Shop serves this delicious master piece all day.  I am not ashamed to say that I might have gone that extra mile and had two of these delectable sandwiches.  This was a great find and I look forward to many more visits to this really cool establishment.

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