The Commodore – Giving a Brooklyn spin to the dive bar

Brooklyn is often seen as the hipster capital of New York City with its uniquely styled restaurants and equally colorful drinking scene.  Often conflicting with the in image from the usually posh Manhattan food/drink scene by having a much more laid back nightlife.  Dive bars being the pounding heart and soul of this Brooklyn identity, perfectly complimenting the local crowd that frequents this neighborhood.  From bars that have arcade games from the 80’s or ones that have rows of skee ball machines, they might not be fancy but they definitely have character and excitement.

One such bar is the Commodore, which features dive bar decor, fantastic bar food, and mixes it up with some amazing frozen drinks that you would never expect from a hole in the wall Brooklyn bar.  When you first step into the Commodore, the decor looks as if the owners had spent about 5 minutes trying to create a ship themed ambience and then gave this up completely to finish the decorating with whatever was laying around.  You can see this in the 2 or 3 ship related decorations dotting the walls to the large hole in the canvas awning that looks like was cut to remove the previous bars name that was never patched up.  Don’t let the low key furnishings and lack of signage dissuade you from entering this Brooklyn hideaway as it is the ideal location to spend hours with friends catching up over cans of Miller High Life and shots of whiskey.  The inside has the look of a bar built and furnished in the late 1970’s with its dark leather booths and yet still retains the charm of the perfect New York dive bar with its laid back atmosphere and fantastic bar food.  The Commodore also hosts a rather large outdoor patio in the back which is great for when you are looking to escape the fast paced street lifestyle of the city with a drink in hand.

Unlike most dive bars, one of the unique features of the Commodore is its amazing drink selection complete with well crafted cocktails and some of the best frozen drinks in the entire city.  Yes, you read that correctly this unassuming dive bar creates out of this world mudslides, margaritas, and pina colada’s among other frozen concoctions that are the perfect decision on a hot summer day in New York.  What else would be more uniquely Brooklyn than a old school dive bar that specializes in frozen cocktails?  Beyond cocktails, the Commodore also serves up a great selection of whiskey and bourbon as well as great beers on tap that will satisfy any drinkers palate.  Complimenting a fine array of booze is a fantastic menu of delicious bar food.  From the burger (which might be the favorite on the menu), to the huge nacho platters, to even a great brunch selection, the Commodore serves up bar food that won’t disappoint.

If you are looking for a relaxed bar that you can spend hours hiding away from the cold or a place to grab a frozen drink and enjoy the sun then the Commodore is your ideal spot.  A mix of great food and a great atmosphere make this a must visit spot whenever you are looking for a casual night out in Brooklyn.  Like the sign says on the outside window, the Commodore is a great place to get boat drunk!

New Yorker Tip: If you are ever looking for an easy way to get a free drink, send the Commodore a post card from anywhere outside the surrounding area and the free drink will be yours!  They will also mount the postcard up above the bar so make sure its a good one!