The Dead Rabbit – Where history and inspiring cocktails meet

For the longest time one of the knocks on downtown was that there was very little to do once the happy hour crowd started to dissipate.  Due to the mostly commercial real estate there wasn’t a place you could consistently go and know that you wouldn’t be the only one saddling up to the bar.  Starting in 2013 a bar opened way down on Water Street by South Ferry called the Dead Rabbit that not only solved this conundrum of where you should go on a Friday night after 10pm that will be fun but did so by serving amazing drinks and cool cocktails in a bar that will transport you back to 1800’s NYC.

Part tap room, part restaurant, part grocery… the full name of this establishment is The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog.  The grocery is open from 11-11 every day and has an interesting assortment of odd kitchen kitchen foods and merchandise… and brings some character to this already unique establishment.  The restaurant creates an blend of pub fare and irish cuisine which highlights the heritage of its owners.  But the real treat of going here are the drinks… and man are they good.  Serving a mix of old time cocktails and whiskey drinks, this is a place that would make Hemmingway have a 3 martini lunch. The floor is covered by saw dust to give it that rustic look and the walls are lined with pictures of George Washington and large statues of bald eagles.  Bottled punch, highballs, mixed drinks, pop inns, and draft beers are all accessible from the bar and all worth the price tag.

A place that brings out the warmth of a true cocktail bar without being overly arrogant, its a laid back bar to grab a drink with friends or impress a special friend.  The bartenders are all experts in their trade so don’t feel bad about asking for some advise because the drink menu can be rather lengthy.  So the next time someone tells you that there is nothing to do downtown you can smile because you know this little secret.


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