The Mason Jar – A rare gem of a sports bar

Sadly NYC with all its grandeur and glamour seems to lack one very essential commodity, which is the good sports bar.  Most places swing one of two ways, either the tiny irish pub or the midtown sports club where you can spy men in suits and woman in high heels even on Sundays. Amid all of this, I recently was exposed to what I would like to call one of the best sports bars in the city.  And this sports bar mecca is called The Mason Jar.

What makes it so great? Well first its not tiny, its got a large sprawling space on two floors which give leg room and a place to sit even in the most crowded situations (although on Saturdays during college football season seats are hard to come by for South Carolina games).  Second, when you walk around you notice unlike many other NYC bars your feet don’t stick to the floor with every single step.  Third, they have a solid selection of southern food including BBQ, delicious burgers, and mac and cheese to die for.  Go early on football Sunday’s and you will also get to enjoy Ess-a-bagel’s and a solid cup of coffee which is strangely difficult for most bars to master.  They also employ some pretty darn good bartenders who know what they are doing (more difficult that it sounds but a beer glass should never be empty).

All these things combine to create a great atmosphere for all things sports and all things drinking. A highly recommended establishment which has been my go to for football even though its all the way in midtown.