Tom’s Restaurant – Park Slopes diner of choice

You know that a place is a true neighborhood establishment when it has been around for over 75 years and it still doesn’t have its own website.  There are very few places that can be around for that long and hardly change yet still have the surrounding support of its neighborhood quite like Tom’s.  While many breakfast spots tout unique upscale cuisine or fancy cocktails to lure in customers, Tom’s uses amazing customer service and fantastic greasy spoon food to bring loyal customers back again and again.

Your first experience with Tom’s will most likely be with the line which snakes outside the door and all the way to the corner on most weekends during peak times.  While at first glance this might be a type of line that you would want to avoid, your best decision of the day will be to ignore that feeling and start your journey inside.  You will also find that this line is not like normal lines and you are likely to find in the city as Tom’s helps this wait by serving up cups of coffee and free samples during your wait.  The line does move much faster than you think and in no time you will be sitting inside what can only be described as a cramped dinner with walls that resemble a hoarders basement from the 1970’s.  With 75 years worth of newspaper clippings, pictures, and photos lining the walls there can be a lot to distract you as servers and busboys rush large plates of just off the griddle food to the many happy patrons who crowd into Tom’s on a daily basis.  Even with all this clutter and chaos, this Park Slope icon has a warm and home like feel that makes your experience seem far more like a family meal than dining out.

While the traditional Tom’s menu can hold its own against some of the best breakfast’s in the city, what helps Tom’s stand out is its specials which feature hearty egg dishes and seasonal pancakes.  From streusel pancakes to pumpkin pancakes, Tom’s serves up delicious stick to your bones diner food all day long.  There really isn’t one thing to point to here as a signature dish, but the egg dishes and griddle pancakes are enough to fill up even the hungriest patron.  The price points on many of the dishes at Tom’s also seem like they are from the 1930’s as you can get a rather large meal for two for around $20 which seems crazy to say anywhere around the city.

If you are looking for a great place in Park Slope for a filling meal and amazing experience then Tom’s is a place that you need to visit.