Two Little Red Hens – A Manhattan cupcake retreat

Cupcakes over recent years have become the in vogue dessert in most major metropolitan cities across the nation. Ever since Sex in the City featured Magnolia Bakery on an episode, bakeries have been popping up left and right to capitalize on this little culinary delicacy.  Yet while many of these stores have tried to bring forth success by making the cupcake it’s staple menu item , very few have been able to stand out among a crowded NYC dessert landscape.  Two Little Red Hens has been standing out among the gourmet baking scene since its opening during the late 2000’s.  Cranking out some of the best cupcakes this side of the East River and pairing it with amazing cakes and pies to make it the go to for your next sweet tooth adventure.

While the menu offering from Two Little Red Hens might not seem much different than many of the other bakeries in the area, there is something distinctly unique about the cupcakes, pies, and cakes featured here.  Blending together a perfect blend of cake and icing sweetness that doesn’t overpower and never disappoints. The cupcakes come in some of the most amazing flavors from the traditional yellow or chocolate to the more unique banana peanut butter fudge swirl.  The cupcake Two Little Red Hens might be most and best known for is their Red Velvet flavor which surpasses all expectations and hype by creating what might be the perfect cupcake.  Combining these traditional favorites with seasonal flavors such as Pumpkin Spice or Irish Cream, there really is not a single bad choice in the whole bunch.  The cupcakes also come in two different sizes, either bite sized (easily consumed in two large bites) or the large which probably is the size of a large orange.  The sizes are perfect for either the person who wants to try a little of everything or the other person who just wants a whole lot of a single flavor.  Two Little Red Hens isn’t just a one trick bakery and has also excelled at the art of custom cakes and seasonal pies.  Nothing brings in the summer quite like a cherry crumb or pecan pie and very few bakeries can bring the forth a home made just out of the oven flavor and scent like they can.

Some might call this bakery slightly off the beaten path as it is located on 2nd avenue deep in the Upper East Side.  The store front is small, the size of a small coffee shop, and during peak hours you will find it slightly cramped but don’t let this dissuade you from entering as the wait is well worth it.  The store looks as if it was picked up from a small town and placed in the big city, seemingly bringing with it a slow paced atmosphere that more than stands out among the New York City rush. This UES gem has been a secret of locals for many years and is only recently been getting the recognition it so richly deserves.

The next time you are looking to impress a friend or want to celebrate something special, then Two Little Red Hens is the perfect place to go.  Either cupcakes, pies, or custom cakes, this place has enough options to satisfy even the pickiest sweet tooth!

New Yorker Tip: Having frequented this establishment on many occasion, ExploringNY highly recommends that if available you try the red velvet cupcake which might be the best found in New York City!