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The Weekly Special

The Weekly Special houses those unique NYC events or places that we want to highlight to our readers during a particular week.  These might not warrant their own articles but are still worth exploring!

Fort Tryon Medieval Festival:

Nothing says the start of the fall like armored knights on horseback, large turkey drum sticks, and all the medieval fun you can handle.  On October 4th, its the annual Fort Tryon Medieval Festival which features all kind of fun and is a great event for both families and the constantly curious.

Fall Beer Events:

A big fan of beer and looking for somewhere to enjoy that beverage especially leading up to the start of Octoberfest?  Then check the link below which has both ticketed and free events to get your Octoberfest started right!

Smorgasberg without the line:

Always wanted to sample the famous ramen burger but tired of having to trek all the way to Brooklyn and wait on line for an hour on your Saturday morning?  This summer, the South Street Seaport has opened a mini version of Smorgasburg with food stalls located in lower Manhattan.  Open every day from 11am-8pm which also includes a bar, this is a great place to get the best of Smorgasburg without the wait or the travel!

Ellis Island Hard Hat Tour:

Ellis Island is an amazing place in New York that is not only a beautiful setting in the Hudson River but also a unique part of American History.  Starting last year they started a different kind of tour that hadn’t been featured before in a hard hat tour of unrestored immigrant hospital buildings on the island.  This tour had originally only been scheduled for a short run but due to its popularity had been extended through most of 2015 for now.

Free Museum Admission NYC:

New York City is home to some of the most amazing museums found anywhere in the world but these amazing museums can often be found with high New York prices.  Yet there are many museums that either have free admission or have certain times/days where admission is free for those who might be on a tight budget.  Check out the below link and see if the museum you have been wanting to go is included on the list!

Seal Exploration:

New York City might not be known for its diverse wildlife.. other than perhaps the subway rat, black squirrel, or pigeon but looks can actually be deceiving.  The New York Parks Department is hosting a free event in the Bronx which will allow you the chance to explore Pelham Bay Park and get a chance to see live healthy seals in their natural habitat

Cooper Hewitt Design Museum:

After being under heavy renovations for the past 3 years, the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum is looking to open up to the public on December 12th.  With brand new interactive displays, this museum is looking to change the way visitors experience exhibits.  If you are looking for a unique museum experience in New York City, this is a wonderful place to visit and interact in a new way.

New York City Street Fairs:

Ever been walking around the city and randomly run into a closed off avenue full of street venders, food stalls, and guy selling reggae CDs?  Well now you know where and when they will take place!  A great place to get grilled corn, $10 glasses, and socks and also a great place to bring your friends looking to experience New York on the cheap.

Eataly’s Amazing Sandwich:

Looking for one of the greatest sandwiches of your life?  Check out Eataly which has a prime rib sandwich on a baguette that is oh so simple and oh so good.  Made with in house made prime rib and a touch of oil this sandwich is one of the most sought after meat bread combos in New York City.  Just know that this sandwich goes on sale around 12PM and the line starts forming slightly before that and doesn’t end for some quite some time.  So if you don’t want to spend to long in line, go before 12 and get ready to not be disappointed.

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