Whitmans – Taking burgers to a new level of good

The burger is a staple of any carnivores diet of red meat. The simplicity of ground beef, a bun, and additional accoutrements is one of those meals that very easy to make and replicate, hence it’s inclusion with the hotdog in almost every BBQ that takes place in America. Yet within its simplicity is a constant struggle… It’s easy to make an OK burger… very difficult to make a good one, and even harder still to make it great. Far to often restaurants will stake a claim at the best burger in the city with many being pretenders to this throne. While I won’t dare to express my opinion on such a controversial topic, I can say that Whitmans has mastered the art on how to transcend a good burger and make it great.

At first glance Whitmans looks like one of those tiny take out places that you find throughout the East Village landscape. Yet below the windowed interior is a whole second floor for which to enjoy burgers cooked to perfection. The decor is very simple matching the laid back persona of the typical Alphabet City establishment. What the decor might lack in flavor the food more than makes up for. I started with the fresh pickles and sausage with spicy mustard and sweet onions. Both were hearty and well prepared apps but I was here for the main course. The owners are native New Yorkers and they must know something the rest of us don’t as they know how to design amazing burgers.  My favorite was the Juicy Lucy which combines a beef short rib blend burger stacked with pimento cheese stuffed inside.  We also got the Mangold burger which was a similar burger with cheddar cheese on top instead of stuffed.  They also went old school with the buns using buns with actual sesame seeds on top.  Keeping the burgers simple and delicious is something that Whitmans does well.  I recommend trying Whitmans for your self to see how it stacks up in the best burgers in NYC.